Nairobi City Water Distributions Network Modifications

Lot 1 - Construction Of The Eastern Transmission (Kiambu – Embakasi) Pipeline

Scope of Works

· Construction of Resident Engineer’s Office

· 24.0 km of Pipeline consisting of 18.4km of DN 1000 Pipes and 5.6km of DN 900 pipes

· 14,000m3 Reinforced Concrete Water Storage Tank at Embakasi

Lot 2 - Construction Of The Western Transmission (Kabete – Uthiru – Karen) Pipeline

Scope of Works

· Water Transmission Pipeline, size DN 900 / DN 500 mm, length 14.25 km

· Reinforced Concrete Water Storage Tank, capacity 5,000m3

· Upgrading of Kabete – Uthiru Pumping System from 30,000m3/day to 72,000m3/day capacity

· Additional Works: – Reinforced Concrete Water Storage Tank (capacity 500m3), Pumping Facility, Elevated R.C Tank (capacity 80m3) and associated works at Kenya High School (Instructed by AWWDA on 7th December 2018)

Lot 3A - Extension Of Water And Sewerage Services In Peri-Urban and Informal Settlements

Scope of Works

· 23.0 km of Water Pipelines, HDPE sizes OD 32mm – OD 355mm

· 25.5 km of Sewers, uPVC Sizes OD 200 mm – OD 315 mm

· 2Nr Ablution Blocks in Gitari Marigo

· 928 Consumer Sewer Connections in Ngando, Korogocho, Kawangware, Kangemi