H.E President William Ruto launches the Augmentation of Water to Thika and Gatundu

H.E President William Ruto launches the Augmentation of Water to Thika and Gatundu

In leading the strides towards progress and realization of improved water supply H.E. President William Ruto launched the Ksh. 4.6 billion Augmentation of Water to Thika and Gatundu.

At its core, the project entails a meticulously planned series of interventions. The Ndarugu River assumes a pivotal role, with intake works designed to harness its waters for the greater good. A remarkable 20 million litres water treatment plant emerges as the cornerstone of purification, ensuring a pristine supply for the region. Raw and treated water bulk transmission pipelines, stretching over 5.7 km and 14 km respectively, traverse the landscape, conduits of promise connecting the source to the destination. Adding to this orchestration, is a formidable 1 million litre break pressure tank to bring stability in the distribution network.

The project will elevate the storage capacity of the complete and operational Karimenu II Dam from the current storage capacity of 73.5 billion litres to 93.5 billion litres. Over 250,000 residents in Thika, Gatundu, and neighboring areas stand to benefit from this initiative. A gesture of goodwill and progress, the augmented water supply promises to quench the thirst of communities and significantly reduce water deficit.

The distinguished entourage that graced this momentous occasion further underscores its significance. The esteemed presence of Deputy President H.E Rigathi Gachagua, CS Water & Sanitation Hon. Alice Wahome, Kiambu Governor H.E Kimani Wamatangi, Water Secretary Eng. S.A.O Alima, Members of Parliament, local leaders and the visionary leadership of Athi Water led by CEO Eng. Michael M. Thuita, among others, sends a resounding message of solidarity and shared purpose.

With each passing day, the completion date of June 2024 inches closer, promising a tangible realization of accelerated access to clean water and improved sanitation.