Flowing Foward: Athi Water Works and Tatu City Alliance to Improve Water Access

On 6th June 2023, we witnessed an extraordinary moment in bulk water service provision – an occasion that transcends the boundaries between government and private entities, forging a remarkable alliance. It is with great pride that we celebrate the signing of the bulk water purchase agreement between Athi Water Works Development Agency and Tatu City.
Speaking during the signing ceremony held at Athi Water Plaza, the AWWDA Board’s esteemed Chairman, Hon. Patrick Mbangula, said that as we embark on this historic journey, let us remember that water is not merely a resource, but a vital catalyst in propelling our nation’s industrial and housing agenda forward.
“As the Government moves towards public-private partnerships in water investments, Tatu City is a benchmark on collaboration between private and public institutions as the Government,” added the Chair.
In his remarks, Tatu City Chairman Mr. Preston Mendnhall said that Tatu City boasts the largest private light industrial zone in East Africa, and a reliable and efficient water source is key for their residents and large industrial water consumers.
Today, we witness the birth of a paradigm shift, where government and private utilities converge in a groundbreaking partnership in bulk water service provision. This alliance shall set a precedent for future endeavors, demonstrating that through collaboration we can progress the development agenda set out by H.E President Ruto.
We look forward to onboarding other water service providers in our quest to accelerate water service provision for the residents of Nairobi, Muranga, and Kiambu.
Recently, the Agency received its license to operate as a bulk water service provider for the Karimenu II Dam Bulk Water System which provides more than 70 Million liters of clean water per day to Ruiru, Juja, Gatundu, and Nairobi.
Also in attendance were the AWWDA Board Members F.C. Bor and Eng. James Wainaina, Tatu City Director Mr. Alex Kahu, Management team from AWWDA and Tatu City.